Tryout Rubric

The following is the criteria we as coaches will be using during Selection Week February 28 - March 5, 2022 in order to better select players for each of our teams. Players will be evaluated using the six major areas listed below, with several sub-evaluations in each area. Despite practicing twice a day during Selection Week, we may not be able to evaluate all of these categories as inclement weather may force us to use the gym. The coaches meet frequently to discuss and rate each student-athlete during Selection Week.

Tryout Evaluation Form:
Name:________________________________________________ Grade:________
Position(s):__________________________________Height:____ Weight:______ Bats: L/R Throws: L/R

Rate The Following Skills: 1=Cut 2=Frosh 3=JV 4=Varsity

Pitching: Strike% (charted during bullpen sessions):____ 1st pitch strike%_____A3P%_____ Velocity:____ Offspeed:____ Mechanics:____

Hitting: QAB% (charted during live bullpen sessions) ____Stance:____ Hands:____ Fastball:____ Curveball:____ Power:____ Opp. Field:____Bunt%:____Bat speed (pocket radar)____ Player Rank____ Coach Rank____

Fielding: Footwork:____ Hand/Eye:____ Positioning:____ Backhand:_____ Throwing accuracy:____
Arm strength_____(Pocket radar) Fielding % (charted during phases and scrimmages):____

Catching: Receive% (charted during bullpen sessions):____ Framing:____ Blocking:____ Pop Time to second base:____ Velo to second base (pocket radar) Quiz score____

Speed: 40 yard dash:____ 60 yard dash:____ mile run:____ pacer test:____ 60 second drill:____pro-style agility:____

Intangibles: Hustle:____ Summer baseball:____ Past CHS Baseball:____ Other Sports:____ Vacation:____ Roster numbers:____ Signs Quiz score____Social Probation ____ Poor grades____ Player Rank____ Coach Rank____

Total points _____ Total percentage ____ (since not all players are catchers, pitchers, etc.)