CHS Baseball Policies and Regulations

1. General Purpose for being at CHS:

A. To get an education and graduate from school, and hopefully, to go on and get a college/associates degree.

B. To participate in the baseball program, and to assist your team in winning championships. At the same time, with some ability and a lot of hard work, an opportunity to play college baseball.

C. To develop life-long friends in an atmosphere of cordiality and purpose, both on & off the field.

2. As baseball coaches, it is our responsibility to assist you in the above. We will do this by:

A. Monitoring your grades to insure that you are working in class towards graduation.

B. Giving you the best possible baseball education to assure that you respond properly on the playing field so that your team may achieve its goal of winning the conference championship, and to allow you the opportunity to develop your skills to make you more attractive to college coaches.

C. Placing you in a proper environment, both on and off the field, so that you may be allowed every opportunity to enjoy your stay in the program.

3. Team policies to insure the above:

A. Class attendance:

1. You will attend classes regularly and on time.

2. No coach will intercede on your behalf with any instructor to allow you to circumvent any assignment due.

3. If declared ineligible by the athletic office, a student athlete will not be allowed to play until cleared and will encouraged to take all necessary steps in and outside the classroom to raise poor grade(s).

4. You will prepare yourself for assignments and exams over the entire semester so as not to directly conflict with practice or games. If this cannot be helped, you must notify your coach prior to completing the academic work and you must bring a note signed by your instructor upon your return.

5. Your first responsibility will be your classes. Your second responsibility will be the baseball team.

B. Conduct on and off the field:

1. You will be expected to conduct yourself in a first class manner around school and around the community.

2. The use of tobacco, drugs, and alcoholic beverages in any form will not be tolerated. If caught drinking or using by any member of the coaching staff or law enforcement officials, you will be disciplined and suspension may result. Please refer to Unit #4 handbook for procedures/penalties.

3. We are going to ask you to refrain from swear words. We will allow a short period of adjustment for those who have built up bad habits. Increased conditioning and/or loss of playing time may result.

C. Practice and game schedules:

1. All open gyms and practice schedules will be posted on my website and/or Google Classroom. You will be REQUIRED to read this schedule in order to understand your responsibilities prior to practice.

2. Practice times will vary, especially during the first couple weeks of the season when several teams compete for gym space. Practice times at McKinley Field usually take place from 3:45-5:30/6:00 p.m.

3. If for some reason you will be absent or late to practice, you will personally talk/text by phone or in person with one of the coaches prior to the scheduled time for practice so adjustments can be made.

VARSITY COACH- John Staab 217-840-6077 staabjo@u4sd.org

JV COACH- Tony Tanner 847-431-6281 tanneran@u4sd.org


4. There will be no excuses accepted for kids being late unless we are notified in advance. Please bring a pass signed by your teacher when arriving to practice late from a tutoring session. Any taping or therapy must be done prior to practice. Exceptions may be made if notified in advance.

5. Anyone late for practice/meetings or spent time in the holding room for disciplinary reasons, will be required to run before they are eligible to participate in the next practice/game. If a player strikes out looking on a called third strike, a pitcher gives up a hit on an 0-2 count, player misses a sign, embarrasses the program on the field, or fails to run within a second of his 90-7 average time; those players will run extra conditioning. Players late for bus departure will not board.

6. No one will leave a practice session or a game without prior approval of one of the coaches.

7. A player who is absent from school on the day of a practice/game will not be allowed to participate. Refer to student handbook for partial day attendance policy.

8. Players who quit the team must meet with the coaches, parents, athletic director A.S.A.P.

9. Players should get at least 8 hours of sleep at night. Bed checks will be instituted on Friday evenings as Coach Staab will call all varsity players.

D. Injuries and sickness:

1. All injuries and sickness must be reported immediately to the coaches so that treatment can be initiated as promptly as possible.

2. Coaches will adhere strictly to the limitations on practice/game performance prescribed by a physician.

E. Turf Field, Field house and transportation procedure:

1. You will be expected to help keeping the locker room in good condition. All trash will be disposed of and ball bags/equipment will be kept off the floor to assist custodians in cleaning.

2. NO sunflower seeds or gum will be allowed on the turf field nor spit on the floor of the locker room or bus.

3. Players will be transported to games by bus, van, or designated private car. Players who do not wish to ride with the team must first get permission from their coach. Players are strongly encouraged to ride with the team unless a unique family matter arises! The use of earphones is discouraged on bus rides.

4. No spikes will be worn on the turf field, in the field house or on the bus. All shoes will be cleaned off prior to access.

5. There will be absolutely NO horseplay in the locker room, on the practice field, or bus. Conditioning will result.

F. Equipment procedure:

1. No one will be allowed in the equipment room or coaches office without permission.

2. You will be responsible for all equipment issued.

3. All players will be issued practice pant, belt, socks, hat, uniforms, bat bag (Varsity). All players must wear baseball pants at every practice and must wear/bring sleeves to every practice.

4. All infielders and catchers must wear a cup during practices and games.

5. You will be required to take care of your equipment in a first class manner. Fines will be assessed for lost or damaged equipment.

G. Awarding letters:

1. Players must conduct themselves in a manner which reflects credit upon CHS and return all issued equipment.

2. Catchers, infielders, outfielders must play in a minimum of one-third of all innings played.

3. Pitchers must either win two games or pitch a minimum of 16 innings.

4. Injuries, loyal service, and weather will also be taken into consideration by the coaching staff.

The coaching staff, working with administration of CHS and Unit #4, respectfully ask for your help in abiding by these guidelines. Together, we can work towards a successful season on and off the field! GO MAROONS!

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